Description of the columns in the dispatch table

The Shipments dashboard is a table listing all the orders that have not been shipped. Here is a description of each column 

Order number

Indicates the Shopify order number (column can be filtered). 
Clicking on the order number will allow you to edit the customer information and access the order in Shopify.

Delivery mode

Indique le mode de livraison de la commande. Vous pouvez filtrer par Domicile/Relais pour afficher plus facilement un type de commandes.


Two character country code (possibility to filter the column)

Order date

Date of order


First and last name of the customer, with telephone number (possibility to filter the column)


Weight of the order in GRAMS. 

The minimum weight is 100g

Service Point

Identifier of Service Point (possibility to filter the orders to find those without Service Point ). 
When clicking on the relay number or on the text "Relay not chosen", a modal appears to modify the relay number.


Printer icon for downloading the label Mondial Relay


Button to create the label and send the order. Once the label is created, you can modify it by clicking on "Modify label". 

If you are an OFFRE START customer, you will be invoiced as soon as the label is created. You have to cancel your unused labels manually in Connect.

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