Create your first expedition

Shipping is a two-step process: generating the labels Mondial Relay and creating the shipment in Shopify.

Note: You must create your labels and process your orders in the Mondial Relay application if you want the package tracking number to show up in Shopify.

Create your first expedition

1. Log on to the application Mondial Relay and go to the Shipping page.
In the table appear all the paid/partially refunded and not shipped orders.
Only the orders that can be shipped with Mondial Relay appear.

2. Locate an order you wish to ship and click on Create Label

3. Download the label by clicking on the printer icon.

If an error message has appeared, there may be incorrect information in the order (e.g. missing phone number) or you do not have the rights Mondial Relay (e.g. delivery to France for a French customer)

4. Click on PROCESS to complete the shipment on the Shopify side. 

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